Next to love, selfless giving is the greatest treasure. I said that months ago and it hasn't changed. Everyday I watch the news and see the horrific events which flash across the screen and now they are sad, but in some ways to me meaningless. In the past 17 months I witnessed incredible compassion from both friends and strangers with no expectations in return. Its not fathomable to have someone go out of their way every week to give Kathleen a massage, chiropractic treatment, read her a good book, or just sit with her and laugh or cry...but they do. Everyday. These individuals are quiet heroes serving someone with a great need, but fail to demand recognition in return. The outpouring of emotional sympathy for Kathleen and our family was supposed to fade a few months after the tragedy, but it didn't. Our two family's melded as one to look after the girls and Bean. Friends continued to visit her daily, school employees and other parents chipped in to make sure the girls were okay, meals continued, and funds poured in. These funds allowed Kathleen to come home into a newly built wing of the house (THANK YOU DEVCON), and continue her therapy. There is no way I can properly thank each of you, but I'm convinced you will be rewarded. When you watch the news each night remember its not all like that out there. Even in the fractured society we live in today, people are good and people care. Thank You.

- Mike Davey