You, and I am sure there are others
surrounding Bean, are living the life, in my eyes, of
quiet heroes, serving those in the greatest need,
doing it humbly and quietly. It's a model that has
been preached for twenty centuries, but you are living
it. That is a gift, a gift that you would prefer not
to have on your shoulders, but it a gift Mike and the girls who get an
opportunity to witness heroism each day, from you and

For what it is worth, in the society that we
live in, the quiet heroes like you are not celebrated,
but they should be. It is your example as one who is
living such a life, that is what should be taught to
children in public schools and held up as examples of
how everyone should treat each other.

You are doing the right thing, no matter how
hard it is to do, and people who witness it recognize
the heroic nature of what you are doing. Nobody ever
asks to be placed in the situation to behave
heroically, and one never really knows how one will
react when placed in such a situation, but with the
family that you have been lucky enough to have (like
me too), there is really no other way that we could
be, is there? You have responded as the same Joe that
I have known would have been expected to respond, with
love, perseverence, loyalty, compassion, good humor,
and a sense that there is a purpose in your
be an heroic example to others.

Continue to walk down that path, Joe, never
give up doing what you are doing. Others recognize the