Mon.- 3/1


Kathleen will have her EEG today.

Unfortunately, Kaiser doctors will no be exploring the causes of Kathleen’s cardiac arrest as of yet. One of Mike’s student’s father, Dr. Coggins, may be exploring this issue.

Kathleen received Reiki, a form of Japanese healing, today from Joan Langholff.

Kathleen is now breathing on her own for 6 hours on and then an hour off.


Tue.- 3/2


Kathleen will be breathing on her own for a whole 24-hour period.


The EEG that was done yesterday showed slower brain activity but also no seizures. The initial concern came from movements on one of her sides.



Wed.- 3/3


Kathleen breathed on her own for over 40 hours.


Although Kathleen’s breathing is getting stronger, there is a possibility of her being moved to Kaiser facility in San Leandro due to issues revolving around care for her tracheotomy.


Kathleen moved to Room 607 which is considered a step down from the intensive care unit.  Doctors consider her stable from the neck down.



Thu-Fri. 3/4-3/5


There were no complications with the move to the 6th floor.


Kathleen impressed doctors on Thu. with her ability and strength to cough and clear her air passage.


Kathleen received addition another session of Reiki from Joan Langholff .


Today, Kathleen’s scheduled CT (this would  determine the extent shrinkage or swelling of the brain) was delayed until tomorrow.


A Blood Flow Specs Scan and an Evoke Potential Scan were both denied. These were thought to possibly help determine brain recovery.



Sat.-Sun. 3/6-3/7


Kathleen had a CT scan and it showed that there was no shrinking of the brain. The CT scans do not show brain activity or scarring tissue so the extent of either was not determined.


The air conditioning unit was finally fixed. Kathleen did not have air conditioning since she was moved and room temperature was getting near 80 degrees especially with the warm weekend.


Kathleen was administered a mild sedative to help control her shaking. The shaking has been attributed to a severe “crick” in her neck area. Unfortunately, only certified masseuses are allowed to massage Kathleen.



Mon.- 3/8


Kathleen’s air conditioner broke and the room temperatures are again hitting up to 80 degrees. Hopefully the hospital is faster in repairing it than it was in turning it on.


Kathleen is running a temperature of between  99-100.4 degrees today.



Tue.- 3/9


Kathleen was running a temperature last night of 100.5 degrees and doctors re-administered antibiotics.


Kathleen is still “shaking” at times on her left side. These are not thought to be seizures.


Kathleen is moving her eyes a little bit but this movement is not at the level of “tracking”- the next step of progress family hope she reaches soon.


Wed.- 3/10


Not much change since yesterday except that Kathleen’s temperature has come down.



Thu.- 3/11/04


Kathleen got her air bed back! This is good for her respiration and prevention of bed sores. Immediately, Kathleen’s blood-oxygen level went up and her heart rate went down.


Kathleen sat in a cardiac chair for the first time yesterday for 2 ½ hours with eyes wide open.


Doctors said that Kathleen’s cerebellum may have not suffered damage due to Kathleen’s eye movement when her head is moved. However, at this point Kathleen is not tracking yet.


Doctors reiterated that there is virtually no chance of regaining meaningful like quality. They called it “unfortunate.” Hopefully, Kathleen will continue to prove the odds wrong.


Kathleen is scheduled for a heart MRI to try and determine what happened.


Doctors gave Kathleen a breathing mask to see how she would do breathing without the trach. The doctors plugged the trach hole and Kathleen was able to breath for 3-4 minutes- shorter than what they had hoped for. During this time, Kathleen had very active eye movement.


Last night, Kathleen received some wonderful massage and physical therapy from a friend and Kathleen was very active.


Please Read: The Davey family would like to know if anybody in the community has information about Neural Brain Stem Cell Therapy and brain recovery research. At this point, apparently the  research in these areas are very recent (Feb. 2004?) and are all experimental right now. The Daveys are interested in perhaps leaving this option (of considering Kathleen for experimental procedure) open.


Fri.- 3/12


Kathleen’s bedsores have healed due to the airbed and her quick healing abilities.


Mike talked with doctors today about the issue of anti-inflammatory drugs possibly speeding brain recovery (Stanford animal study).


Also, the topic of a median neural stimulator was mentioned to doctors. They said that they would be looking into it.


Deep brain stimulation was brought up by the Daveys a week ago. It was believed by the doctors that they were only used in Japan and France. However, the Daveys, while watching the Lifetime channel, came across a “Residence” episode and observed the machines were being used in the U.S. on Parkinson’s patients. Doctors today stated that they will be calling universities. 



An MRI on Kathleen’s heart, an Evoke Potential Scan, and a Blood Spec Scan,  have yet to be performed. The family hopes that they will be administered  soon.


Sun.- 3/14


Kathleen was moved to a new room, room 658, because of the air-conditioning problems mentioned above


Doctors were asked to look at an ibuprofen article regarding brain recovery. They considered it but won’t implement it because of possible issues while Kathleen is on  blood thinners.


Right now there are 5 medical options in consideration that family did research on.


Kathleen has not received an MRI yet- doctors say it will be administered most likely early next week


Instructions for visitors are being put together for when they visit. They will be posted in the room and can be found here.


The swelling in Kathleen’s hands has gone down.



Mon.- 3/15


#1 Joan returned to do Reiki for several hours and brought a friend (Mary)

#2 Kathleen was taken of the trach today and breathed through her nose for 3 hours today.

#3 Kathleen has been moving the right side or her body more the past three days (often without stimulus)

#4 Kathleen has severely reduced the amount of clonus tremors the past week

#5 Kathleen has begun as of late to snap her eyes to sounds and people who are creating physical stimulation

#6 Kathleen's Kepra (the final anti-convulsant/mild sedative she is on) will be gradually reduced over the next few weeks

#7 Kathleen's doctors said that UCSF, Stanford and UC Davis doctors rejected requests for Deep Stimulation which has shown promise in Japan and France for patients in a Vegatative State and recently for Parkinsons Disease in the USA

#8 Kathleen's doctors initially agreed on a low dose of ibuprofin, but then decided the risks of bleeding on the brain was too great (due to the blood thinners she is already on)

#9 Kaiser doctors again reiterated the poor prognosis and discounted #3-5


 Please read this note from Mike and the family



Tue.- 3/16  to Wed. 3/17

Kathleen's status today appears about the same as it has been. 

Work is being done by us to try to get her to track objects with her eyes.  She appears to see things when they enter her field of view but cannot retain focus. 

Her heart rate has been slightly elevated lately.  This may be due to the attempts being made to wean her off the trach tube.  To do this, the nurses plug the exterior trach tube hole.  This forces Kathleen to breathe through her nose and mouth.  It is a struggle but she has been able to maintain this for a couple of hours.  Each day is new, however.

Muscle stiffness looks like it may have subsided.  Cousin Darsia has given Kathleen a couple of massages that look to be helping. 

The family is continuing to ask the Medical Staff for an overall plan.  The family hopes to get one by next week.  We'll see how it goes.

Looking into Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment as potential re-hab tool.

Please note: If anybody has information regarding Stanford’s study on stem cell stroke and stroke victims, please contact me as soon as possible.


Thu.- 3/18

Kathleen was running a fever of 101.1.

Kathleen was breathing for 20 minutes until doctors took her off. She was having a little difficulty today in that area.

Kathleen is scheduled to have an MRI today.



Kathleen received an MRI yesterday for her brain. Results were not told to the family yet. The MRI for her heart was postponed because the hospital was running behind.

Kathleen’s fever came down.

Antibiotics were administered to Kathleen for an infection.


Sat. 3/20


Doctors, analyzing the MRI results, reported that they believe that Kathleen’s brain showed signs of atrophying. However, since they have no base to compare it from, much right now is guessing.


The MRI of the heart was delayed.


Doctors again give Kathleen a 14% chance to get to a minimum(ly) responsive state.


Kathleen is taking Tylenol to keep her temp down.


She is still on antibiotics.


 Please Note: If anybody has any information or leads on anoxic brain injury and recovery please let us know.  Also, if anybody has information regarding exploratory stem cell surgery please let us know. Here are two articles regarding stem cell research  Article I   Article II



Sun. 3/21


Kathleen breathed (through her nose) with the trach plugged for 4 ½ hours.


The “shaking” has subsided almost completely.


Mon. 3/22


Kathleen sat in the Cardiac Chair today and breathed 2 hours on her own through her nose with the trach plugged.


Joan visited for over three hours performing Reiki.


Kathleen is showing facial expressions- anger, fear, confusion and sadness (tears).


If anybody has information or knows anybody with information regarding umbilical cord blood cell research (article I   article II) please let us know. Thank you.


Tue. 3/23


Kathleen was in the Cardiac Chair for over 2 hours.


A family request for acupuncture from a renowned specialist, Dr. Zhu,  was denied. Apparently acupuncture is considered experimental for anoxic brain injuries even though it can do no harm.


The heart MRI has been rescheduled for Wed.


If anybody has information or knows anybody with information regarding umbilical cord blood cell research (article I   article II) please let us know. Thank you.



Wed. 3/24


Yesterday, Kathleen lifted her head off of the pillow yesterday. The nursing staff was ecstatic


Kathleen had her MRI.


The Davey family filed an expedited grievance yesterday over the approval of using acupuncture on Kathleen. Since it is considered experimental by the hospital the expedited grievance was downgraded to a “regular” appeal and thus the wait for a response may be up to 30 days.  It’s noted that acupuncture works best when it is administered earlier in an injury rather than later.


 Thurs. 3/25


Kathleen had a rough day.  Going in the cardiac chair and her trach plugged for about an hour her heart rate raced up to over 130.  Earlier her blood pressure (normally in the 90/60 range) reached over 155.

Kathleen enjoyed an aromatherapy appointment from her friend Kathy Oliver, wife of a former worker colleague when she was a Human Resource Manager at Onetta.


Mike called the IMR board to go over the hospital’s head to try and allow Kathleen to get acupuncture.


Friday 3/26/04


Dr. Arthur Douville generously donated his time to meet with the family and go over Kathleen’s MRI and likely prognosis.  The MRI showed some damage in the white matter of the brain which might be able to repair itself in the long term, but almost certainly not enough for Kathleen to make a meaningful recovery given current medical technology.  Dr. Douville also discussed options for care after Kathleen leaves Kaiser.


Kaiser has officially allowed acupuncture to proceed but will not pay for it.


Kathleen has been breathing on her own for 2 ½ hours and is still going


Dr. Zhu came tonight and Kathleen was very reactive.



Sat.- 3/27



Kathleen slept a lot today.


 She breathed with the trach plugged for 5 hours.


Kathleen received acupuncture from Dr. Zhu and was again reactive to some of the procedures.


Sun.- 3/28


Kathleen stuggled a bit off of the trach breathing with it  plugged for a half an hour.


Dr. Zhu again administered acupuncture and Kathleen seems reactive to the procedures.


Mon. 3/29-


Kathleen was in the Cardia Chair for 2 ½ hours and breathed with the trach plugged for 6 hours.



Tue. 3/30


Kathleen sat in the Cardiac Chair for 5 hours today and breathed for 2 hours with the trach plugged.  Her blood pressure was high (175/120) but that is usually the case when she is placed in the cardiac chair which is exercise for Kathleen. It went back down after she returned to her bed.


Kathleen is showing more signs of muscle tension (the curling of her limbs and clenching of her hands). More physical therapy is needed to address this issue. 


Kathleen is now responding more often to significant stimulation (combing of her hair, etc.) by movement especially by rolling her head.



Wed. 3/31


Kathleen is continuing to receive acupuncture from Dr. Zhu is reacting to the various procedures.


Kathleen is continuing to respond to physical stimulus by turning her head.