June Updates


Wed. 6/30


Kathleen was outside on the patio for 2 hours

The median nerve stimulator was applied for 12 hours.


Tue. 6/29


Kathleen had a quiet day today and tired after one hour in the chair outside.

Mike met withKaiser and it appears that she will be moving to Valley on her

birthday, July 6.  Happy Birthday B!Details forthcoming.

Median nerve stimulator ran for 12 hours today.

She has dropped down to only one antibiotic.



Mon. 6/28


Kathleen was very hot and was sweating. After a sponge bath, her catheter was changed and she felt better and it seemed to he the issue


Kathleenís Pic line was removed.


Kathleenhad her hair washed today.


Had songs sung to her on patio


Slept a lot


Mike and family met with Kaiser officials to discuss options. They will meet again on Tue. morning to continue talks.


Valley Medical has accepted Kathleen to their Journey to Recovery program. Valley Med

thinks it could be a beneficial step towards Kathleen's recovery. Here is an article on research

done by Dr. Jeffrey Englander from Valley Medical.


Sun. 6/27


Kathleen was very sleepy for most of the day.


During the evening her breathing rate increased and seemed a bit more labored

possibly due to the nerve stimulation but her heart rate stayed low


Thanks to Keith who has been there every day for about 3 months working
with Bean. He has also helped with nutritionalsuggestions and has provided

great help in making Kathleen's neck more comfortable allowing the blood flow

to continue


The new visiting schedule link is posted above.


Sat. 6/26


The Median Nerve Stimulator was applied for over 12 hours.


Kathleen seems physically stronger and at the same time her facial features are softening-

looking like her old self again.


Fri. 6/25


Kathleen had some cranial-sacral and chiropractor work from Ellen,

a friend of Michelleís today. She also did some work with her sacral area

which is tight and needs to be relaxed. 


Manynurses have said that they have noted positive change since they had

her last (usually in 2 week rotations or so).  They say she is looser and her eyes

are much clearer and more responsive


Al Davis called the family today and said he went through a similar incident.

He said to never give up.


Thu. 6/24


Kathleen worked with Michelle and Lisa today and sat in the wheelchair

for sometime but was a little bit sleepy during the workout

Median Nerve Stimulatorwent off without a hitch for

10 hours and will be upped to 12 hours tomorrow.

Kathleen enjoyed a long visit from Rachel today after a quick one from both

girls yesterday.

Kathleen's heart rate has been fine despite reduction of her blood pressure medicine

last week


Wed. 6/23


Kathleen sat in her cardiac chair for 4 hours.

Kathleen had median nerve stimulator for 8 hours, it will be extended to 10 hours

tomorrow (Thurs)

Heart Rate /Blood Pressure/Respiration all very good today and fingers seem looser


Since regenerative medicine can play a crucial role in Beanís recovery and because

of the lack of research in this area,the Davey family kindly asks
for people to fax their Congress members and ask Congress to increase funding to

the National Institute of Health for regenerative medicine grants.

Find your Representative here.

Find your Senator here.


Here is a letter from Gai.


Tue. 6/22


Kathleen went 6hs on median nerve stimulator today Ė no prob. 


Mike has been in daily contact with Dr. Cooper in North Carolina

(who has been very kind) regarding her daily updates

Kathleen had another Cranial Sacral massage today (which focused on her tight jaw)


Mon. 6/21


Kathleen did a super job during therapy today.


Kathleen sat in the wheelchair outside and she held up her head for over 2 hours.


Kathleen is continuing to receive Median Nerve Stimulation.


Here is an article about Kathleen and family in the Oakland Tribune.


Sun. 6/20


Bean has another bladder infection, but has loosened
up today (she was really stiff yesterday)


The Los Gatos Daily News published this letter from Rachie and Samie.


The new hospital schedule is posted above.


Fri- Sat. 6/19

Kathleen had a trial run of the median nerve stimulator Friday,
the protocol calls for 12 hrs at a setting of 20. Kathleen had 2 hrs at 3/4 power (15)

Kathleen's trial run at the MNS (15) went 2 1/2 hrs on Saturday.

For the past two nights Kathleen has increased her respiration rate (30 times a minute a bit too high) and
heart rate (120s too high) in the evenings.  It has lasted between approximately 8 pm - 3am when she
finally goes to sleep. On Sat. night Kathleen's HR again went up in the evening (low 1

Kathleen had a visit from Sherri, a yoga master again and got a good workout



Thu- Fri. 6/18


Kathleen enjoyed another long visit from her daughters today.

She had a high heart rate, became tense, and grinded her teeth at times through the day

At other times she was loose, her eyes were responsive and she was moving the toes on her right foot.

The median nerve stimulator is supposed to arrive via overnight mail tomorrow and the hospital has received
a copy of the protocol from Dr. Cooper in North Carolina, who reportedly offered to consult whenever
needed, even while he was at home.


Thu. 6/17


Kathleenís heart rate was very high this morning. It jumped past 130 after she had her nose suctioned.


Still no Median Nerve Stimulator. Apparently there has been no protocol created by Kaiser even though 3

protocols have been submitted by Mike.



Wed. 6/16


Kaiser still has not started median nerve stimulator.


Bean seemed more relaxed today and she slept a lot .


Tue. 6/15


Lisa, a 1st grade parent at Foothill, has volunteered to come in and help with OT with Michelle

from Valley. They got her into her wheelchair for a half hour.


Bean got a cranial sacral massage at 11 today. This massage frees restrictions of movement. She

came closest to a smile since she arrived at the hospital. She loved it!


Sammie put ďbe nice to my momĒ note on the side of Kathleenís bed.


Mon. 6/14


Bean was sleepy during PT today but took her first test drive in her wheelchair.


Kathleen was given new bed positioning to help reduce the spasticity in her left shoulder.


The Mercury News ( MondayísTechnology Section) ran an article regarding Stem Cell treatment for spinal cord injury in China

performed by Dr. Huang at Chaoyang Hospital.If anyone has contacts to Dr. Huang, the

Davey's would appreciate help in getting Dr. Huang to consider a protocol for anxoic brain injury.


Kathleen was on trach plug throughout the day again


The Visiting Schedule is now posted- please see above.


Here is a letter from Mike.


Sun. 6/13


Kathleen vomited tonight- the first time since she has been hospitalized.She looked dazed/stunned

but seemed to be OK as no material went back down her trach into her lungs.


Kathleen received lots of exercise by Cheri the yoga master. Bean was put through a lot of stretching which

seemed to help get Beanís hands very relaxed.


Father Liebscher (the priest who married Kathleen and Mike)came from Boston and said prayers.


She is still on tach plug since yesterday from 12:15 but had to take it off for a brief period due to her vomiting.


Kathleenhad been on 2 antibiotics- zosyn(aka hypercillin- since taking she has had diarrhea) and vancomycin

(went off of it last week). Today they took her off ofzosyn.


Kaiser lowered her metoprolol- her blood pressure medicine was at 75 mil

gr. 2x day and is now at now 50 mil. gr 2x day.


Sat. 6/12


Bean held her head up on her own for about 3 minutes today when sitting on the edge of the bed.


Kaiser still has not administered the Median Nerve Stimulator.


Kathleen received a new bed more conducive to physical therapy and less apt to increase her muscle tension

Kathleen again went through a rigorous workout from Michelle (OT from Valley Med)

Reportedly Valley Medical has accepted Kathleen into the Journey to Recovery program.  The family is
waiting for word from Kaiser



Fri. 6/13


Kathleen again sat up on the side of the bed today for20 minutes

Kathleen's wheelchair asked for at the ethics meeting on 5/19 arrived today.

MRI and Blood Flow Spect results showed nothing significantly new (good or bad)

Kathleen went through the day on her trach plug

Kathleen sat on the back patio for nearly 5 hours in her cardiac chair

Median Nerve Stimulator (MNS) still not initiated because a protocol cannot be

found from Dr. Chen in Oregon. 

Here is a letter from Ann.



Thurs. 6/10


Michelle (OT from Valley Med) came over to work with Kathleen again


Kathleen had another Brain MRI scan.


Initiation of the Median Nerve Stimulator again delayed


Kathleen started her trach plug at 12:45 PM and went through the night


Wed. 6/9


Dr.Englander and an occupational therapist came over for an hour to check on Kathleen to see if she qualifies for

the SCVM Journey to Recovery program


Kathleen held herup her head for a minute in which seemed to Dr. Englander as purposeful movement.


Kathleenís heart rate is at the lowest itís been since she arrived.


Mike met with Dr. Craigin regards to an update on the progress of the 6 issues posed by the family.


A BloodFlow spec scan took place today


Median Nerve stimulator may start tomorrow


met with one and contacted with valley occupational therapist coming in on thu.


Kathleen will be administered an MRIlater this week


Kathleen bit her lip again today which swelled up.


plugged since 8:45 (9 Ĺ hours)


Here is a letter from Shiela.


Tue. 6/8


Kathleen is working on weaning back off the trach again.


She will be administered Coenzyme Q tomorrow. Here is some info on Coenzyme Q.


The security issue regarding the back door to the patio has been resolved.


The Median Nerve Stimulator still has not been administered.


Here is a letter from Kim.



Mon. 6/7


Kathleenís trach was plugged for over 5 hours.


Sheoutside for 3 1/2 hrs and got a beauty spa

treatment from both Sue and Melissa today.


No word yet on the Median Nerve Stimulator. protocol


Kathleen was referred to an orthopedics doctor to look

at her right foot which is dropping and turning in a bit


In general she was still loose and relaxed today


The Davey family is following leads at UC Irvine, the

Henry Ford Clinic, and in the UK for stem cell

transplantation.The family is still looking for support

in this pursuit if individuals in the community have the means.


Sun. 6/6


Kathleenís colon infection is now gone but she is still fighting a urinary infection.


Doctors dropped one of the 3 antibiotics she was on.


Kathleenís heart rate is low and she seems relaxed.


Kathleen has her day and night cycles reversed so family and friends have changed her powernaps to catnaps.


Sat. 6/5


Kathleenís vitals look good today.


Doctors believe that going outside is good for Kathleen but due to an over zealous security

management Kathleenís door remained locked for today and tomorrow.


Kathleen has been having problems with incontinence with her bowel movements.


Doctors have began plugging the trach again. Kathleen went 30 minutes today as the doctors

ease Kathleen into again.


A note to mommy from Samie.


Fri. 6/4


Kathleen again enjoyed sitting outside on the patio. She got up twice in the chair.


Kathleen started hypercillian in response to the urinary tract infection


Kathleen had an ultra sound today and results are pending.


Her blood pressure and heart rate were lower today (good).


She was fitted for a wheelchair.



Thu. 6/3


Kathleen sat outside for 31/2 hours.


The median Nerve Stimulator might be administered on Tue.


Michelle will meet with Kentfield next week.


Kathleen has a urine infection and sheís getting a new antibiotic- hyperacillin.



Wed. 6/2


Kathleen seems to enjoy being outside on the patio in her cardiac chair.

She was outside for over 21/2 hours.


Median Nerve stimulator still has not been administered.


Here is a letter from Mike to Kathleen


Tue. 6/1


Kathleenseemed to be looser today.


Her phlegm secretions have seemed to peak and begun to come down a little


A new friend of the Davey's, who has experience working in coma rehabilitation,

came to the hospital and helped get Kathleen sitting on the side of the bed

where she was partially able to hold her head up, put weight on her feet, and

showed good pelvic flexibility.Her eyes also became less dialated and

she took a quick peek around the room.


She went in the cardiac chair again today.Was granted permission to

go out on the patio, but security did not unlock the door in time (before she

returned to bed).