I was recently informed through an old friend of your

wife's situation, and  thought that though it would no doubt prove

largely irrelevant considering  the breadth of your concerns, I would

nonetheless write you a little  note to  convey my  best wishes to you.

Spirituality and divine providence have ever been cloudy subjects to me,

but my thoughts and prayers such as they are firmly behind you and

Kathleen. I'm sure you've received innumerable letters of this kind

but what the hey, one more can't hurt, right?


You and Kathleen were two of the best people I've ever

met and I ardently  hope she improves soon. I wish I had some

trite platitude to offer, but I've never believed in any of  that

and doubtless you've received plenty of it already anyway. I'll

simply say that you and your family deserve better and if there's

any justice in this world, your strength of character and

perseverance will not go unrewarded. Keep your hopes and

dreams alive.