Since I've known you, I've always admired your
positive spirit and passion for life. It's evident in
your love for your family and friends and your
compassion for all. A most indelible image remains
when you'd wait patiently for Coach after games, and
upon seeing that 1000 watt smile of yours, his face
would gleam with love.

So much I want to say to you, but I'll try to keep it
brief. First, thank you. Thank you for being the
mother of our basketball program. Thank you for
baking our team cookies, for being at our games, for
sacrificing time to allow Mike to influence our lives
in an incredibly important and positive way via
basketball and teaching. And thank you for continuing
to fight right now. Simply put, there are not enough
people like you in this world. In fact, there are
very few. However, this rarity is also what makes me
believe in you in a situation where so many others in
your position have stopped fighting, nay, stopped
believing. Also, there is a man whom I'd want on my
side if I were ever entering battle or facing such an
often intransigent circumstance. That man is your
husband. Keep believing in each other's strength, and
keep working towards tomorrow. Get better, Kathleen.

May the most you wish for
Always be the least you get.