Tue. 11/30


The Davey family has been informed that today is the
final day Kathleen's care is covered by Kaiser.
Starting tomorrow the family will pay the daily
charges. The phone message reporting this fact noted that "Her
benefits have exhausted." 


Kathleen had an X-ray on her swollen back (which looked
much better today).  The tests were negative for bone
damage or new growth.

Kathleen was again very tight in the evening.  This
phenomena seems to be becoming a pattern.


Bean had a good session of speech therapy on Tuesday.
She used her tongue and tried very hard to imitate


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Mon. 11/29


Kathleen got a new light blue (her favorite color) wheelchair today.

Kathleen loves her new chair. She immediately
fell asleep in the chair and already seems to have
longer tolerance for sitting in the new chair.


Sun. 11/28


Kathleen had another small incident with vomiting

after being changed shortly following a meal. When

the family got her up in the standing frame, however,

they were even more concerned by a large 4 inch area

on her back which seemed like a hard bump. No news

yet on what it might be. The family is concerned that

it might be a potential first sign of Heterotrophic

Ossification, however, the spot of the injury is not a

place prominent for that ailment.


Sat. 11/27


Kathleen looked beautiful today. She had her hair

fixed by one of the help staff who added hair

extenders and makeup. Therapist and CNAs alike

continue to comment on her lack of bed sores, and

unbelievable muscle strength after 10 months in the




Fri. 11/26


Kathleen appeared exhausted from her trip home for

much of the day until the evening when she was very

alert and appeared to be visibly concentrating on both

her daughters voices on the phone and not throwing up

(which she managed to avoid).


Thu. 11/25


Kathleen slept all morning and then remained alert and

active for six hours while home for Thanksgiving. She

seemed to be examining her new environment (and
hopefully liked it). She was told that her sister in
law Kim (Tutu) was cooking Kathleen's famous
"southwest turkey" which had rave reviews.

In the evening Kathleen seemed to have trouble winding
down from the day's events and threw up a little of
her "late evening snack."

Promising cord blood news in a human clinical test:



Wed. 11/24

Kathleen had a very good morning. In an extended
physical therapy range of motion session with a
volunteer she improved greatly on her range then
did wonderfully in the standing frame. Kathleen also
weathered the storm of a temper tantrum by one of
her daughters (which humored the hospital), yet visibly
upset Kathleen.

Mike's cousin, who often has dreams which foretell
something saw Kathleen sitting up and speaking
haltingly in her dreams last night. That image is
one which the entire family would like to become
reality soon.



Tue. 11/23


"Kathleen's nurse" was involved in an auto accident

but first reports are that she is okay though at emergency.

Since this incident so many nurses have
been kind and caring to Kathleen and the family.
Please hold Cece in your thoughts today. She
stands out among the best of so many excellent

Kathleen again seemed to be recovering from her
bout with an illness and slept for much of the day.

Another story about our wonderful community:
Three boys, 13, 9 and 5, came to the Mercury today
after rolling all the coins they had collectively saved
or had around. In a heavy, heavy shoebox, they had

$126 they gave us for the Davey wish.


Mon. 11/22


Kathleen slept for much of the day and seemed to feel

better. Her fever broke and she was loose until the

late evening hours.

Any volunteers who have some time to spend with

Kathleen during this hectic Thanksgiving week would be

appreciated. Many of Kathleen's usual visitors are

out of town this week putting an extra burden on the

family to change their schedules to insure Kathleen's



Sun. 11/21


Kathleen had a wonderful morning. Several times she

again raised her left arm and fingers upon command

from her sister Sheila. In the early afternoon,

Kathleen's set backs with her food continued as she

again vomited. In the late afternoon Kathleen

verbalized many long, loud noises of either discomfort

or sadness (the family has been reporting a look of

sadness on her face the past few days) followed by a

series of coos. Later, with Tom and Allison, she

moved her head back and forth following them.

Kathleen registered her first fever in quite some time

99.9 but seemed to feel better as the evening progressed

Kathleen story was featured in an article on the

front page of the Mercury News today in a compassionate

feature written by Mike Antonucci.


Sat. 11/20


Kathleen continues to struggle with her stomach. For

much of the morning she appeared to be gagging ready

to throw up, but held it in.

Kathleen was fairly sleepy today, but for alternating

periods very alert. In the late evening Kathleen

raised her arm several times and moved her fingers.

The actions were not related to some clonus jerks that

she has been having since she reduced her Keppra

(anti-seizure medication).


Fri. 11/19


Kathleen had, for the most part, a good day Friday.

She seemed alert throughout the day (although she did

have some tremors), but did throw up in the morning


Thu. 11/18


Bean had a quite morning and was very sleepy. She had a tough early

afternoon. She had a short time in the standing frame and vomited in the

afternoon. The rest of the day, she seemed to visibly be trying to avoid

throwing up again.

Kathleen did seem to respond to music during the day. (At times snoring

with the beat.) Her heart rate also respond to the music. As a whole

during the day, her heart rate was very high and she seemed uncomfortable.


Wed. 11/17


Kathleen may have caught a cold which the family is also fighting.


George Bush continues is continuing his assault on

stem cell research at the United Nations by seeking a

worldwide ban which is unfortunately drawing

significant support. Here is the story.


We encourage you to write your congressman and

support both more grants for regenerative medicine and

stem cell research and an end to the Bush campaign in

the UN against stem cells.


There is also promising research being done at Stanford on

stroke patients. As it progresses from rats to

clinical studies on humans, the Davey's would

appreciate people with contacts there to help Kathleen

get "in the door."


Tue. 11/16


Kathleen seemed rested and relaxed today and was

remarkably loose. She seemed more alert as the

morning went on. Her swallowing has improved and

visitors who know work with her regularly are

encouraged to work with her on eating ice chips

(remember to put her head forward and sit her up in



The Davey family would like to again thank everyone

who has been so instrumental in maintaining the health

and well being of Kathleen. Her daughters have spoken

frequently about how they feel the love of so many in

the community and always want to know "who is helping

mommy." The financial and time contribution of so

many organizations and individuals who seek nothing in

return certainly portrays a different story than is

seen on the nightly news. People like Keith Howe who

volunteers regularly to give Kathleen chiropractor

care and others who do innumerable tasks at the drop

of a hat like Jan Birenbaum, Cece Arnold, Risa

Schwartz and Elizabeth Meyer (to name just a few among

so many amazing people) have given more than they can

imagine. I would also like to thank the author of

this web site (Kirk Abe) for his personal friendship

and tireless efforts on Kathleen's behalf (but also

one who will likely erase this line unless he just

copies and pastes.) :)


- Mike Davey



Mon. 11/15


Kathleen was very tight today and seemed

uncomfortable. In the evening, a Reiki session by

Joan appeared to relax her greatly.



Sun. 11/14


Recently, Kathleen seems very sensitive to touch.

On a sad note, Kathleen’s Great Aunt Ruth passed

away. She held Kathleen close to her heart. One of her

last words was “Bean”.


Sat. 11/13


Kathleen had a terrific day. She was able to go home

in the new family van and visit the house for dinner

and bedtime prayers. The girls excitedly took her

around the house and showed her their drawings, the

ongoing addition etc. Kathleen appeared relaxed and

alert and responded to the girls requests to open her

mouth several times.


Fri. 11/12


Kathleen was very active today. After a sleepy

morning, her eyes were moving rapidly throughout the

day and she was awake till late in the evening


The family plans to bring Kathleen home tomorrow for



The family intends to bring Kathleen home. However,

apparently MediCal will pay for most of her expenses

ONLY if she is in a nursing home. Thus the clearly

flawed California law encourages care providers to

send their loved ones away to languish in a skilled

nursing facility for the rest of their lives even if

the family desires to bring them home. Feel free to

write your assemblyman/woman regarding this issue.

Kathleen's representative is:


District 24 Rebecca Cohn:

Assemblymember.Cohn@assembly.ca.gov District Office

901 Campisi Way, Suite 300

Campbell, California 95008

Phone: (408) 369-8170

Fax: (408) 369-8174


Thu. 11/11


Kathleen enjoyed a long visit from her daughters in

the morning (and they also enjoyed the visit -

especially the donuts).

One of Kathleen's favorite CNA's had surgery today.

Please send her warm thoughts.

Kathleen was sleepy but comfortable today. She did

not seem very alert


Wed. 11/10


Kathleen was a little under the weather today.

She vomited so the later feedings came a bit later.

Kathleen seemed very loose today. Again, she

frequently made the noises she makes when she

was uncomfortable in the evening.


Tue. 11/9


Kathleen was again sleepier today and got up just once

in the standing frame and wheelchair (3 hours total).

Kathleen's phlegm caused her oxygen to desat a couple

times when she had difficulty coughing it up and was

put on oxygen for a short time in the early morning



Mon. 11/8


Kathleen seemed refreshed today and was awake and

alert most of the day. In the evening, however, she

frequently made the noises she makes when she

uncomfortable and also labored a bit with her breathing.


Here is another article on advancing bio-technology advances.


Sun. 11/7


Kathleen was very sleepy today and was trying to

regain her strength after throwing up twice on


Here is a poem Mike read to Bean.

Here is an article regarding cell transplants.

Sat. 11/6

Plans to bring Kathleen home for dinner this evening

were cancelled due to colds in the family.



Fri. 11/5


Kathleen's van arrived and the house remodel is

progressing ahead of scheduled pace. Thanks to

Bill and Ray among many others at Devcon. Rachel

is excitedly telling everyone her "Mommy is coming

home" and plans to snuggle with her and "watch movies

while its raining outside."



Thu. 11/4-

Wed. 11/3

Kathleen was sleepy in her wheelchair today but was

easily arousable when she started her therapy. She had an

incredible couple of days. Here is what she



- vocalized repeatedly on command


- opened her mouth 75% of the time when asked and

moved her tongue when asked as well...again, not in

the direction she was asked to, but she did mobilize

when asked to.


- She moved 3 fingers on her left hand back and forth

90% of the time when asked her to ( VERY consistently)


- She blinked twice (X1 ) when asked (reliability)


- She is extremely excitable to touch (good or bad?)



Tue. 11/2


Kathleen exhibited very good "feedback" early today

especially when her hand and fingers were worked on.

As she was given ice, she came out with the

"eh" sounds on the exhale - at least twenty times.


Later, Kathleen was surrounded by activity today with an

election precinct at Almaden Care and Rehab Center.

Today olive oil was added to Kathleen's diet for two

reasons. #1 It is heart protective. #2 The fat can

help damaged brain cells in which the neurons are

still alive but the protective outer coating is

damaged (causing misfiring of the electrical

signals..resulting in jerks and seizures). This may

allow the gradual reduction of her anti-seizure

medicine which is also sedating.




Mon. 11/1


Rachel sat down in the kitchen for about an hour today

and drew a "book" for Mommy. Here is one page (warning-

large file!) where Mommy's hair is standing up because she is

scared of the Halloween creatures. The rest of the book was a

series of pages about how Kathleen is the "best Mommy

in the world" and how much Rachie lovers her.


Kathleen slept very little and was awake well into the

evening, but was alert for portions of the day.


Here is letter from Mike to SJMN’s Editor.